How I Met My Great-Great-Grandfather (Lolo ng Lola ko): An Investigative Journey

Oas (Wikipedia)
Jose Espineli “Joonee” Gamboa (TMDB)

A scavenger hunt

Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Honolulu, Hawaii, 1900–1959; National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Washington, D.C.
Domingo Reantaso’s boarding pass. Source: Index to Filipino Passengers Arriving at Honolulu, Hawaii, 1900–1952

Surprise, surprise
U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940–1947; The National Archives in St. Louis, Missouri
Hawaii Filipino News. 30 Dec 1937, Page 3
Honolulu Star-Bulletin. 30 January 1935, Page 18
“Filipino History in Hawaii before 1946: The Sakada Years of Filipinos in Hawaii”
by Ruben Alcantara (1988), Chapter 8 Page 8
The first 100 pensionados at the 1904 St. Louis Exposition

More than what I was looking for

Some image clippings about Sunday Reantaso. Source
Before going to Savoy Theater, Sunday Reantaso’s vaudeville shows were performed here in Lux Theater (beside Rivoli Theater) which he himself managed in 1923. In case you missed it, that’s his face right there in the newspaper ad.
Diksyunaryo sa drama at teatro. 2001. Pages 92–93

Meet the gang

“Katy! the Musical” is a biographical musical based on the life of Katy de la Cruz
Hawaii Tribune-Herald. 12 Oct 1927, Page 4
Savoy Nifties’ 1st Anniversary. The Manila Times. 3 May 1925.

Life in Hawaii

Sunday’s second daughter, a Catholic nun in Hawaii. Sources: [1], [2]
From gracing entertainment news pages to sports pages. 1931–1932. Sources: [1], [2], [3]

Filipino community leader

Letters from Sunday’s organizations during Philippine’s independence (1935) and before Hawaii’s statehood (1948)
Sunday’s Obituary in the front page of Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Honolulu, Hawaii) 01 May 1948, Page 1
Last known photo of Sunday and its colorized and restored version
Animated portrait of Sunday via MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia AI

We will be ancestors too


[1] National Library Archives

[2] The land of Rs

[3] Generations: math & trivia

[4] Sunday’s date of birth

[5] Anglicized names

[6] The technology of 1910–20s

[7] Vaudeville to Bodabil



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